Advice For Selecting The Right Office Chair

Height Adjustment – It must be an easy task, usually with a high-pressure mechanism of oil gas. This allows the comfortable adustment of the body in relevance to the height of the working surface. In this sense, it also provides correct positioning of the feet on the ground at the desirable height.  

Swivel – Every deskchair should be able to rotate so the user is able to reach every desirable inch of their working place.

Gas filled Spring Device – It has a triple purpose. It is responsible for the height of the deskchair, for its smooth rotation and the decrease of  vibrations which are created when the user's body falls onto the deskchair. If we think about the fact that the weight  is constantly moving and not static and is simultaneously transferred by a metallic mechanism with a diameter smaller than 10mm, we are able to understand the significance of the excellent qualitybof the gas-oil suspension system.

Width &Depth – Every anatomical deskchair must be wide enough and deep to fulfill the needs of each user. The depth (from the forward part up to the back of the deskchair), must be enough, so as for the user to have a correct  back position and simultaneoulsy have enough space between his knees and the surface of the seat. The contemporary anatomical deskchairs apart from all the already stated, are equipped with a specialised seat slide mode and specific adjustment system for the correct width with the aid of the multifunctional adjustment armrest.

Seat &Back Recliner – The correct fallback position of the back or/and the seat of an orthopaedic and anatomical deskchair is the most important parameter for our choice when purchasing an deskchair. This mechanisms are responsible for absorbing the pressure which is due to our body during the use of the deskchair.

An equally important parameter is the time of continuous use of the deskchair. With the term, continuous use, we mean the period of time that the user sits without taking a break to stand up and move his body which is independent from the overall daily work-time. The longer the period of continuous use of the dekchair, the more the movements the body does, many times without realising it, and the bigger the need of the correctly absorbed pressure on the spine.  

The reclining mechanisms are distinguished into:

a. simple or permanent contact – When the back of the deskchair falls back and forth independently, without the ability to adjust the pressure to the specific body type. It provides the ability to be stabilised at any position.

b. Modern without the adjustment of pressure and locking mode (synchro)- When the back and the seat are moving with the ratio of 2ο for the back and  1ο for the seat, the pressure could not be adjusted to the body type of the user. It can only be stabilised to an upright position.

c. Modern with the ability to adjust the pressure and lock at a specific position (multi lock synchro) – When the back and the seat are moving simultaneously with a ratio of  2ο for the back 1ο  for the seat. You are able to adjust the pressure to the specific body type and you are also able to stabilise the deskchair at many positions.

d. Multifunctional (multi function synchro) - When the back and the seat are moving simulatneously with the ratio of 2ο for the back and 1ο for the seat. You are able to adjust the pressure according to the body type of the user. It offers the ability to the user to stabilise the seat to any position. There is a lock mode and the seat and back can move simulatneously. This mechanism is offered solely by the tailor made, anatomical and orthopaedic deskchairs of NEC.

Lumbar support – Some deskchairs are equipped with the appropriate mechanism for the right position of the lumbar area of the spinal cord. It ought to be adjusted to the height and according to the spinal cord. These deskchairs of high ergonomic design are also equipped with an additional depth-mode ( COMFORT PLUS type).

The tailor-made, anatomical and orthopaedic NEC deskchairs exclusively use a uniquely formed and adjustable airbag which provides immense lumbar support adjusted to fit the needs of each user.

In this way, NEC contributes to and creates new facts for the most advanced design of deskchairs.

Thoracic support – Is offered only by the tailor made, anatomical and orthopaedic NEC deskchairs, which use exclusively a unique type of adjustable airbag. In this way, we provide the best possible support for the thorax.  

Furnishing materials – High quality products ought to be used comprised of foam which provide correct support and which effectively absorb the vibrations which the body receives. The final furnishing should be made up of material which is able to disperse the body heat and impede the perspiration. The material should also be able to endure friction.  

The tailor made, anatomical and orthopaedic NEC deskchairs use exclusive products comprised of  memory foam, springs in the seat for the elimination of the pressure applied to the buttocks and also special fabric suitable for the decrease of perspiration and the increase of endurance.

Memory Foam - It is made from polyurethane which increases the rate of the viscosity and density. It is also refered to as visco-elastic polyurethane. Depending on the add-ons and the overall density, it is more stable at low temperatures and softer when warm. The memory foam is able to take the figure of the body it comes in contact with and maintain it for a small period of time after the pressure has been released.

Armrest – This is the most important factor for the  alignment of the neck, the arm and the wrist. When working and sitting on a deskchair, the 11% approximately of the user's weight is transferred from the hands to the arms.

The arms are categorised to:

a. Fixed – Have no adjustment ability, they offer the most basic support.

b. With Height Adjustment Armrest -  Are equipped with a height adjustment mode, offering the ability to support users with various heights.

c. Multifunctional adjustment armrest – Are equipped with a height adjustment function and back and forth mode. In special cases there is the ability to adjust the width, offering further internal support.

The tailor made, anatomical and orthopaedic NEC deskchairs are comprised of a multifunctional adjustable armrest foldaway possibilities.

Armrest  surface – High quality deskchairs must have an arm surface made from polyurethane with elastic features. In this way, the nerve area around  the elbows is released from the tension. Simultaneously, there is no problem in relevance to the hits of the arms of the deskchair to the surface of the desk, which is usually the case with the padded armrests, which soon enough are damaged.

Wheels – They ought to be made from resistant to friction polyamide and the user should be able to change them without difficulty and tools.

The tailor made, anatomical and orthopaedic NEC deskchairs are comprised of wheels of different synthesis according to the roughness and material of the floor.